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Refurbished Chromatography Analytical Instruments.

  • Fully Refurbished System, Complete Tested.
  • GC, GC/MS
  • Chromatography Accessories.

Chromatography Analytical Instrument LC GC MS Triple Trap Orbitrap Repair/Maintenance Services.

  • On-Site repair service.
  • Prevent maintenance (PM)
  • Validation (IQ/OQ/PQ).
  • Sciex: API 2000, API 3000, API 3200Q, API 4000, API 4000Q, API 5000, API 5500.
  • Agilent: Agilent 1100, 1200, 1250, 1260, GC 6890, 5971/72/73/75
  • CTC / Leap : CTC PAL, HTS PAL .
  • Shimadzu: 10 series, prominence, Nexerra, XR systems.
  • Thermo: Vantage, TSQ Quantum, Quantum ULTRA, Classic, LTQ, LXQ, LCQ Advantage, LCQ Classic, Accela, Surveyor LC, Q-Exactive
  • Waters: 2690/95, Acquity UPLC, Acquity H Class, Acquity I class, Xevo Product Line.

Chromatography Analytical Instrument Services Parts.

  • All service parts are system tested to ensure functionality.
  • Various Manufacture GC, HPLC, MS Service Parts.

Chromatography Consumable.

  • Chromatography Syringe filters, Vials, cap and Septum


On Site Engineer Service Tools and Devices.

  • MS Metal Polish 4000 micromesh polish paper
  • Aluminum oxide 300 Grid cleaning power
  • Mechanical pump oil extaction kit



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